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The mechanics (how it works)

Note that the following example could also be easily applied for disk space monitoring, burglar alarm on/offline, network up/down and other devices and services. As long as the device (by means of other devices) is made internet aware.

Let say you want your warehouse temperature to be fairly constant by setting your thermostat to the desired temperature. While temperature remains constant all is well but your thermostat will also need to let LazyNanny know that all is well. For this it will need to continuously send "I'm OK" messages to your LazyNanny server.

The workflow is really simple:

  1. set your max temperature threshold (ie. higher temperature is not good)
  2. let a scheduler run a program/script for checking the threshold status
  3. If OK --> send "I'm OK" message to LazyNanny
  4. If Not OK --> be still, do not send any message

LazyNanny™ is always waiting for an "I'm OK" message (aka check-in) from your device and expects this within a configurable "Grace time".
If the "I'm OK" messages are not received within the "Grace time" LazyNanny will start sending notifications (email and SMS/Text) to Recipients*.

But there are added advantages, the "I'm OK" messages also imply:

  1. warehouse temperature is OK
  2. thermostat is working
  3. scheduler program for continuously reading the thermostat is working
  4. device running program is working
  5. connection to internet is working
  6. power supply works

*Free products Recipients default to account email address and the default server location

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