Monitoring Guard

LazyNanny Monitoring allows monitoring of your IT's single-point of failure such as your mail or monitoring server. But also for stand-alone devices where you only need to know if it's up and reachable. This is not a full-fledged monitoring tool, it's hassle-free, no learning curve and highly efficient.

What does this monitoring do

The problems

  • Many companies have a monitoring tool. But what if it fails, at night or weekends...
  • What if your network router "hangs". Now there is no way to get any data out to the internet or remote locations...
  • Mail servers process outbound and inbound mail traffic but what if one or both of these routes fail...

The Solution

All of 'The Problems' result in alert notifications -not- being able to reach your IT standby team.

This is where LazyNanny kicks in. LazyNanny will notify you of these failures because it operates independent of your LAN and location.

Easy, reliable and affordable

Simple and straightforward pricing, from €8.75 per month

Why do I need it


  • Assurance against that one-off chance where data communication to outside world is lost
  • Receive notifications even when power outages occur
  • If all you need to know if your server or device is on and running
  • If you need to know if the internet is reachable
  • To make sure inbound and outbound mail works


  • Mail and/or SMS notification
  • Up and running in minutes
  • Easy to use
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Support from nanny
  • Affordable pricing
  • SMB and Enterprise ready

Enterprise ready

Enterprise products include server and service redundancy resulting in even higher LazyNanny service availability. On top of that, Enterprise clients will have the option to indicate in which part of the world the LazyNanny servers need to be located.

How it works

Example cases

Network Unreachable

If connection to the internet is lost, your monitoring application will not be able to alert you or mail/SMS anybody. This is where LazyNanny kicks in. LazyNanny will detect this failure and send notifications. This is possible because it operates independent of your LAN.

Mailserver failure

Ever run into a situation where your mailserver(s) lost service?  You think your business is running as it should, but in reality your monitoring service is unable to mail you.

LazyNanny will notify even if your smtp servers fail allowing you to take appropriate actions within minutes, minimizing business impact.

Monitoring server

However robust they may be, even monitoring servers can unexpectedly freeze-up/fail. If, on top, your business critical application stops working, nobody will know. Without monitoring your support desk will effectively be blind. LazyNanny will notify if this type of failure is detected because it operates independent of your monitoring server, network and location.

Lazy Shop

Things to know before you buy

After purchasing LazyNanny™ will send you a form requesting the following information:
  1. To which domain(s) is LazyNanny allowed to send emails? Only recipients with the allowed domains will be able to receive alert messages.
  2. What is the sender IPv4 address from where LazyNanny will be contacted? This is the external IP as seen from the internet.
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