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Step 1 - Prepare LazyNanny

LazyNanny servers are located throughout the world. The following steps will prepare the LazyNanny server in the country of your choice*

"Enterprise* - server location" can be selected during the purchasing process only. CANNOT BE CHANGED LATER

  1. Order a product, this will allow you to create an account
  2. Login to the client area
  3. Click on Manage button of the "Object ID" you wish to configure
  4. Take note of
    • "Object ID" value you are about to configure
    • "Enterprise* - server location" value (eg. Default-27) [tip2027def]. The value between the square brackets is your dedicated lazynanny server name. You will need this name while configuring the check-in command for your device.
  5. Click on Change config Options to (re)configure at least the following:
    • External IPv4 address
    • Object alias
      -- make the alias meaningful eg. MyDEVICElostConn or MyDEVICElowDisk
      -- replace "MyDEVICE" with your hostname/device name
      -- Note: do not use spaces
    • Recipients* (not available on free products)
  6. Review and Save the changes

Saving will automatically inform your selected LazyNanny™ server in the country of your choice* to be ready for receiving "I'm OK" check-in messages from your device with noted Object ID. Please note that it may take up to an hour for your changes to propagate. So you cannot start testing immediately.

Keep the earlier mentioned "Object ID" and "Enterprise* - server location" at hand.
You are ready to proceed to Step 2 and prepare your device so it will send "I'm OK" messages to your selected LazyNanny Server.

*Free products Recipients default to account email address and default server location

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